The process starts with an informal consultation. The clients needs and desires including lifestyle, site, budget and schedule are discussed. 

A proposal letter detailing fees, schedule and subsequent steps in the design process is prepared and if accepted a contract is submitted.




Concept to basic design outline. The site is measured and photographed with an active exchange of ideas with the client. The client is encouraged to show us images they like, and we make suggestions as to how the aesthetic and functional requirements can work together. We provide design options and concepts through images, space plans, elevations, material samples and additional drawings required to convey design ideas.



Refine design concept with specificity and detail. We specify materials, dimensions and detail interior architectural elements including decorative wall constructions, ceiling treatments, interior lighting design and layouts, built-in millwork, cabinetry and architectural trim. Detailed design drawings are developed to convey the design intent to all construction contractors and consultants. Additionally, appliances, plumbing fixtures, decorative lighting and decorative hardware are comprehensively specified. This stage also facilitates cost estimating, and allows for visualization of the complete concept. 



Create the drawings and specifications required for construction of the project. Can collaborate with an Architect to provide drawings for the architectural set. In a purely interior design project such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel will provide the document set required for permitting. 



Site visits and meetings with contractors and consultants to review the construction process. This is important to make sure the project is being built according to the construction drawings and specifications. This includes all contractor and vendor-provided submittals; including interior architectural and furniture shop drawings and any finish sample packages. During this phase, appropriate field visits are made to the site and vendor workshops to maintain the quality of the design.



Coordination and delivery of items from warehouse. Supervision and styling on site of final installation of all selects of Furniture, Art and Accessories.